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Norma Burnson

Norma Burnson, Author & Publisher
Norma Burnson, Author & Publisher

Sustainable Food for the Globe      Founder & Publisher

*Future Pioneers, *Young Entrepreneurs,                                
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Advice from children around the world.

Source: TBA
Source: TBA

United States U.S. Navy Veteran     Vietnam Era


Author's Page: Sustainable Food for the Globe book series.  

Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time.

Published June 2013.  Available on 

Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time 
Published June 2013.  Available on

Sustainable Food for the Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance

Published Earth Day, April 2016.  Available on

Sustainable Food for the Globe, Future Pioneers, The Children

To be published on Earth Day, April 2022.

The Missing Piece, The Law of Attraction (Collaborator)

Published November 2015. 


The Missing Piece in Positivity, Quote Book (Collaborator) 

Published November 2015.    


Delegate: The International Women's Leadership Association, 2013      

Delegate Award received from The International Women's Leadership Association in 2013, in recognition of services rendered to our country as a U.S. Navy Veteran and for demonstrating leadership in both national and international business arenas; for dedication to her community as a college professor and mentor; for being a sustainable food activist and humanitarian.

Book Critic:

"The Power of Change" by Reda Alioua 


1 out of 5 LinkedIn members invited to review the ebook released by LinkBook Publisher.


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Energime University:

Director Emeritus, Energime University April 2020

Executive Director, April 2012 ~ April 2020


Food Tank Think Tank: Organizations to Watch 2014

Global Citizens Circle, Active since April 2020

Contact:  Theo Dunfey, Executive Director


Website: Panelist


Interview with the Sustainable food advocate Norma Burnson

by Mel Bartholomew ~ June 2012 (Mel gives it two thumbs up!)

by Galina Belyaeva ~ December 2013

Interview with Norma Burnson, March 2015

Interview with the sustainable food advocate Norma Burnson

by Ann Miller and Chris Coope on their International Radio Show: Growing Trends ~ March 2015

Interview with Norma Burnson

Interview with the Sustainable Food Advocate Norma Burnson

by Stephanie Chandler,  Nonfiction Authors Association ~  April 2016

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Invited To Review the First ebook Published on LinkedIn 

M.I.T. SOLVE Lab Challenge:

Team Leader  ~ 2016

Team Leader  ~ 2017


ALLI,  Alliance of Independent Authors

NFAA, Nonfiction Authors Association



Published by Inspiration for Mind and Body and Soul


Sustainable Food for the Globe:  SFFTG iNews!

Digital Magazine, Established April, 2020

Energime University: The EUC2 Press

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Energime University Calling - Energime University Community

Executive Director, Grants and Funding

Tenure 2013 ~ 2020


United Nations:  

The World We Want To Be, Online Consultant, Active Member 2013 to Present

United Nations Active Participant, June 2016

Norma Burnson, Is working in support of the new Agenda, the theme for the 2016 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) session is "Implementing the 2030 Agenda."

Academic Impact, Sharing a Culture for Intellectual Social Responsibility, Active Member since 2017

The Global Compact, 2017

U.S. Navy Veteran, Vietnam Era:

All Women's Veterans Honor Flight to visits D.C. war memorials - VAntage Point, 2017

Sustainable Food for the Globe ~2014~