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Sustainable Food for the Globe ~PRESS RELEASE

Best-Selling Author Norma Burnson Lectures at Chicago Public Library, Donates 940 Books on Sustainability

Chicago, IL, March 01, 2016 --( 

In January, 2016, during the week of Martin Luther King's Birthday, The Chicago Public Library children and patrons had a wonderful time downloading Norma Burnson's second book, "Sustainable Food for Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance." The total number of downloaded books amounted to 940, making it equal to a donation of $6570.00.

Mrs. Burnson is a regular visitor to the Clearing Branch of Chicago Public Library, where she enjoys lecturing and reading from her books for members of the Midwest Garden Society. Her second book in the Sustainable Food for the Globe series is doing extremely well.

In February, 2016, Norma's book received a review by Dr. David Chalk, d. Tec, LCE, ADE, a renowned business specialist from British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Chalk is acknowledged worldwide as one of the brightest minds on the planet today. In his review, Dr. Chalk stated, "An eye-opener. An inspirational book by Norma Burnson that offers knowledge and insight on the world and food sustainability. Norma offers much rich information that will change your view on how we can sustain the planet. It is a real treat to read."

In this second volume, Burnson interviews sustainability leaders worldwide who offer a myriad of ways to save the planet through sustainability, using everything from aquaponics to organic community gardens, children’s lectures and food-recovery systems. The locales covered span the globe from Pakistan to the UK and, of course, her home base, the US, but the principles and how-to knowledge in the books can be applied anywhere in the world.

Mrs. Burnson’s third book, "Sustainable Food for the Globe, Future Pioneers: The Children," will focus on the many health benefits for children who garden. Mrs. Burnson’s third book is scheduled for release on Earth Day, 2022. For small peeks at the madness behind the scenes prior to the publication of a book, visit Norma's Blog. 

"Ah, Mother Nature is wise," said Mrs. Burnson. "All of my books focus on one obvious issue: All living creatures on earth must eat to stay alive. Educating and empowering the future generation is what my third book is all about. I believe it is vital for children to learn about permaculture and organic gardening, how to revitalize the soil and to live sustainably, for they will keep our planet vibrant and alive for centuries to come."

About Norma Burnson. Mrs. Burnson received The International Women’s Leadership Association’s Delegate Award in 2013, in recognition of services rendered as a U.S. Navy Veteran and for demonstrating leadership in national and international business arenas; for dedication to her community as a college professor and mentor; for being a sustainable food activist and humanitarian. She is the Founder and Senior Partner at Burnson & Associates, LP and Director of Fundraising, Energime University, an innovative institution that teaches sustainability subjects worldwide.

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